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Maria Goeppert-Mayer

She became a professor

just three years before winning the Nobel Prize

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The sincerest form of flattery

Finally, A Doctor In The Family

By Alice Fok

It is a universal truth in the Wong household that one only […]

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Latest Book Reviews

Urban Philosophy

Can smart cities be too smart? Susan Sheng ponders this and other urban studies quandaries in Richard Sennett's new book

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Abandon All Hope

Qiuling Li accompanies Barbara Lipska on her hellish descent into mental illness, and her triumphant return.

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Pilgrims In Another Dimension

Has physics gone off the deep end? Mark Wyman wades into the argument with Sabine Hossenfelder's new book

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Did We Get It Wrong On GMOs?

Nicholas DelRose ponders author Mark Lynas’s journey from opponent to advocate

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Cherish the Albatross

Li Wang is enthralled by Adam Nicolson's plea for seabird conservation, but argues for a more nuanced approach

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A Mental Multiverse

Farah Abdul-Rahman learns that consciousness may be more Greek chorus than computer algorithm

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A Sci-Fi Lover’s Guide to the Galaxy

Milica Bulajić enjoys the science (and fiction) of life beyond Earth

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Mad About Microbes

Alexandra Grote appreciates a clear-eyed reckoning with our microscopic friends and foes

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Green on a Mission

Plants can’t speak for themselves, but Marie Crouzevialle finds that Carlos Magdalena is a worthy surrogate

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A Public Health Paladin

Alice Fok admires William Foege’s battles against pathogens—and politicians

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This Scientific Life

Our contributors hail from all over the sciences — and all over the world. We’ll share what brought us to science, why we stay, and what makes us (occasionally) want to run away. There will be eureka moments, scientific screw-ups, advice to youngsters, peers, and elders, as well as whimsical stories about space exploration, fruit fly cognition, and how a neuron can live its best life.

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The sincerest form of flattery
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