For the past three and half years, we at the Cooper Square Review have had the honor of sharing the world of science with you. Our contributors are biologists, physicists, chemists, psychologists, mathematicians and doctors, who left their computers and lab benches to write thoughtful essays, poignant stories, and laugh-out-loud goofs. The Cooper Square Review would not exist without them. And all that incisive and funny writing will continue to exist, even though we are sad to announce that the Review is going on hiatus at the end of this year.

We are grateful to Angelika Manhart for the brilliant, elegant illustrations that adorn our site; to Jessica Romeo, Leslie Nemo, and Chelsey Coombs for navigating the wilds of social media to promote our posts each week; to our patient and skillful web guru, Garrett Gardner, for creating this website and helping it grow with us; and finally, to our wise and dedicated publisher and co-creator Dan Fagin, for tirelessly championing this beautiful project, and keeping it afloat for so long.

The Cooper Square Review may be going on pause for now, but these innovative and clever exercises in science communication are staying right here. It was a privilege and joy to bring them to the wider audience they deserved.

Stephen Hall (founding editor) and Sophia Domokos (editor-in-chief)


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