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My Biggest Goof...

Turning It Up To 11

By Benjamin Pope

The air was tight with electricity as we turned the power up […]

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Lab Confidential

A Step-By-Step Guide To The Peer Review Process

By Andra Mihali

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard for months or years on your research project, […]

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Latest Book Reviews

The Testosterone Myth

Mary Rossillo learns about the dark politics around testosterone in this unsettling new book

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A Guide To The Ultimate Staycation

Rewatee Gokhale was in for an adventure with Bill Bryson's latest ultra-local travel guide

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The Ultimate Scam

Cicely Shillingford is enthralled by this expose of one of the biggest swindles in recent memory

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Human Revolution

Angelika Manhart marvels at the powerhouse crew of mostly female anthropologists who turned their field upside down

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How Your Brain Makes Meaning

When neuroscientist György Buzsáki was in middle school in Hungary, he strung […]

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Who is to blame for climate change denial?

Philosopher Robert Crease explores the scientific process and its unintended consequences

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“Hello, world!” says the computer. In white text on a black screen, […]

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The Secret to Better Medical Care? Be A Man

Maya Dusenbery's new book makes Karen Kwon rethink how the healthcare system treats her

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Is Immortality All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Vanessa Kellner takes a fascinating peek into the science of aging -- but doesn't find the secret to eternal life

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Roach Love

Huayi Wei learns to appreciate insects ... but love them? She's not so sure

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Illustration by Angelika Manhart

This Scientific Life

Our contributors hail from all over the sciences — and all over the world. We’ll share what brought us to science, why we stay, and what makes us (occasionally) want to run away. There will be eureka moments, scientific screw-ups, advice to youngsters, peers, and elders, as well as whimsical stories about space exploration, fruit fly cognition, and how a neuron can live its best life.

My Biggest Goof...
I knew I wanted to be a scientist when…
The sincerest form of flattery
Diseases of the Will


By Pascal Wallisch

(Excerpt from “Advice for a Modern Investigator”, chapter 5. ) The most […]

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Standard Deviations

Do No Harm

By Matt Biancalana

A suspicious lump our dentist noticed on the back of my dad’s […]

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Lab Confidential