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Standard Deviations

Why won’t lung cancer screening take off?

By Jeff Alpert

Lung cancer remains the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among both men […]

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Standard Deviations

Is science a popularity contest?

By Gustavo Starvaggi França

During a 1964 lecture at Cornell University, Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate in […]

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Latest Book Reviews

The Algorithms That Rule Your Life

Kate Storey-Fisher tours the miraculous but disturbing world of robot judges and self-driving cars in Hannah Fry's new book

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Sex, Lies, and Women

Elizabeth Harris is fascinated by Wednesday Martin's iconoclastic view of female monogamy, but questions her conclusions

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The Thicket Of Life

The Tree of Life is more of a thicket, Beth Walters learns in David Quammen's fascinating new book

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Navigating The Minds of Animals

Tim Currier learns about animals' astonishing navigational abilities, and soon discovers that the scientists who study them are just as interesting

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The Roommates You Hate… But Can’t Live Without

Tanvi Butola squirms at the thought of countless microbes colonizing her home -- but Rob Dunn's engaging new book may convince her to throw out the Lysol

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The Key To Success? It’s Not What You Think

György Buzsáki couldn't put down László Barabási’s latest on how to succeed in business (or art or science), but the recipe is not what he'd hoped

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Canary In The Climate Change Coal Mine

Lauren Oakes' ecological memoir leaves Mariyah Saiduddin sad but hopeful

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Did We Get It Wrong On GMOs?

Nicholas DelRose ponders author Mark Lynas’s journey from opponent to advocate

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Pilgrims In Another Dimension

Has physics gone off the deep end? Mark Wyman wades into the argument with Sabine Hossenfelder's new book

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Abandon All Hope

Qiuling Li accompanies Barbara Lipska on her hellish descent into mental illness, and her triumphant return.

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Our contributors hail from all over the sciences — and all over the world. We’ll share what brought us to science, why we stay, and what makes us (occasionally) want to run away. There will be eureka moments, scientific screw-ups, advice to youngsters, peers, and elders, as well as whimsical stories about space exploration, fruit fly cognition, and how a neuron can live its best life.

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