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Every fall and spring, our crew of doctors and scientists review the season’s most intriguing popular science offerings.

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Abandon All Hope

Qiuling Li accompanies Barbara Lipska on her hellish descent into mental illness, and her triumphant return.

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Pilgrims In Another Dimension

Has physics gone off the deep end? Mark Wyman wades into the argument with Sabine Hossenfelder's new book

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Did We Get It Wrong On GMOs?

Nicholas DelRose ponders author Mark Lynas’s journey from opponent to advocate

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Canary In The Climate Change Coal Mine

Lauren Oakes' ecological memoir leaves Mariyah Saiduddin sad but hopeful

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Urban Philosophy

Can smart cities be too smart? Susan Sheng ponders this and other urban studies quandaries in Richard Sennett's new book

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Cherish the Albatross

Li Wang is enthralled by Adam Nicolson's plea for seabird conservation, but argues for a more nuanced approach

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A Mental Multiverse

Farah Abdul-Rahman learns that consciousness may be more Greek chorus than computer algorithm

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A Sci-Fi Lover’s Guide to the Galaxy

Milica Bulajić enjoys the science (and fiction) of life beyond Earth

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Mad About Microbes

Alexandra Grote appreciates a clear-eyed reckoning with our microscopic friends and foes

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Green on a Mission

Plants can’t speak for themselves, but Marie Crouzevialle finds that Carlos Magdalena is a worthy surrogate

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