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Every fall and spring, our crew of doctors and scientists review the season’s most intriguing popular science offerings.

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Roach Love

Huayi Wei learns to appreciate insects ... but love them? She's not so sure

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Is Immortality All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Vanessa Kellner takes a fascinating peek into the science of aging -- but doesn't find the secret to eternal life

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The Secret to Better Medical Care? Be A Man

Maya Dusenbery's new book makes Karen Kwon rethink how the healthcare system treats her

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“Hello, world!” says the computer. In white text on a black screen, […]

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Logic For Life

Jay Wadekar learns about a fresh take on using formal logic in the real world in Eugenia Cheng's book

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Navigating The Minds of Animals

Tim Currier learns about animals' astonishing navigational abilities, and soon discovers that the scientists who study them are just as interesting

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The Thicket Of Life

The Tree of Life is more of a thicket, Beth Walters learns in David Quammen's fascinating new book

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Sex, Lies, and Women

Elizabeth Harris is fascinated by Wednesday Martin's iconoclastic view of female monogamy, but questions her conclusions

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The Algorithms That Rule Your Life

Kate Storey-Fisher tours the miraculous but disturbing world of robot judges and self-driving cars in Hannah Fry's new book

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The Roommates You Hate… But Can’t Live Without

Tanvi Butola squirms at the thought of countless microbes colonizing her home -- but Rob Dunn's engaging new book may convince her to throw out the Lysol

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The Art of Logic in an Illogical World Book by Eugenia Cheng | Review by Jay Wadekar The Book That Changed America Book by Randall Fuller | Review by Angelika Manhart Borrowed Time Book by Sue Armstrong | Review by Vanessa Kellner Building and Dwelling Book by Richard Sennett | Review by Susan Sheng Buzz Sting Bite Book by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson | Review by Huayi Wei Coders Book by Clive Thompson | Review by Benjamin King The Consciousness Instinct Book by Michael S. Gazzaniga | Review by Farah Abdul-Rahman A Crack in Creation Book by Jennifer A. Doudna and Samuel H. Sternberg | Review by Rhea Datta A Different Kind Of Animal Book by Robert Boyd | Review by Marcela Coronado Doing Harm Book by Maya Dusenbery | Review by Karen Kwon Enlightenment Now Book by Steven Pinker | Review by Sophia Domokos The Evolution of Beauty Book by Richard O. Prum | Review by Alessio Travaglia Exoplanets Book by Michael Summers and James Trefil | Review by Criseyda Martinez The Fears of the Rich, The Needs of the Poor Book by William H. Foege | Review by Alice Fok The Formula Book by Albert-László Barabási | Review by György Buzsáki The Future of Humanity Book by Michio Kaku | Review by Milica Bulajić The Gene Machine Book by Bonnie Rochman | Review by Evelyn Litwinoff Goldilocks and the Water Bears Book by Louisa Preston | Review by Jorge Jaramillo Hello World Book by Hannah Fry | Review by Kate Storey-Fisher How Emotions are Made Book by Lisa Feldman Barrett | Review by Aaron Katzman I Contain Multitudes Book by Ed Yong | Review by Maria Pokrovskii The Influential Mind Book by Tali Sharot | Review by Kaitlyn R. Scacalossi In Search of the Canary Tree Book by Lauren E. Oakes | Review by Mariyah Saiduddin Into the Grey Zone Book by Adrian Owen | Review by Julia Derk Kin Book by John L. Ingraham | Review by Margret Veltman Life 3.0 Book by Max Tegmark | Review by Dervla Kelly Life In Code Book by Ellen Ullman | Review by Francisca Gil The Little Book of Black Holes Book by Steven S. Gubser and Frans Pretorius | Review by Enrico Fonda Lost In Math Book by Sabine Hossenfelder | Review by Mark Wyman Microbia Book by Eugenia Bone | Review by Alexandra Grote The Mind-Body Problem Book by Jonathan Westphal | Review by Cato Sandford Misbehaving Book by Richard H. Thaler | Review by Oliver Vikbladh Modern Death Book by Haider Warraich, M.D. | Review by Anastasia-Maria T. Zavitsanou The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind Book by Barbara K. Lipska and Elaine McArdle | Review by Qiuling Li Never Home Alone Book by Rob Dunn | Review by Tanvi Butola The New Science of Consciousness Book by Paul L. Nunez | Review by Sophia Domokos Other Minds Book by Peter Godfrey-Smith | Review by Rachel Denison The Plant Messiah Book by Carlos Magdalena | Review by Marie Crouzevialle Reductionism in Art and Brain Science Book by Eric R. Kandel | Review by Marie Sweet The River of Consciousness Book by Oliver Sacks | Review by Rhea Datta The Runaway Species Book by Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman | Review by Dan Robitzski Science and the City Book by Laurie Winkless | Review by Diego Reinero The Seabird's Cry Book by Adam Nicolson | Review by Li Wang Seeds of Science Book by Mark Lynas | Review by Nicholas DelRose Spineless Book by Juli Berwald | Review by Emily North Suggestible You Book by Erik Vance | Review by Diane S. Lye Supernavigators Book by David Barrie | Review by Tim Currier The Tangled Tree Book by David Quammen | Review by Beth Walters Turning Points Book by Kostas Kampourakis | Review by Stephanie Lauer Untrue Book by Wednesday Martin | Review by Elizabeth Harris The Wizard And The Prophet Book by Charles C. Mann | Review by Nicholas DelRose