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Every fall and spring, our crew of doctors and scientists will review the season’s most intriguing popular science offerings.

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From Reluctant Husbands to Anti-Vaxxers: How to Change Minds in the 21st Century

Kaitlyn Scacalossi learns the new neuroscience of winning friends and influencing people.

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Where is artificial intelligence taking us?

Dervla Kelly peeks into the strange new world of brain uploading and robot mosquitos in Max Tegmark's latest book.

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Waterfalls of Spacetime

When time is space and space is time: Enrico Fonda takes a mind-bending journey through the physics of black holes.

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Life, Death, and the Human Brain

A pioneering neuroscientist is redefining the edge of human consciousness, but Julia Derk argues that this knowledge has come at a price

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The Secret to World Domination

Upright apes rule! Dan Robitzski finds out why.

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The Power of Palindromes

The powerful new technology known as CRISPR lets researchers edit the book of life. Rhea Datta champions its medical and agricultural uses, but wonders if we can trust science and business to act in humanity’s best interests.

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Molecular Machinations

The new age of genetic testing is long on information, Evelyn Litwinoff finds, but still short on knowledge.

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That Special Feeling… Is More Complicated Than You Think

Aaron Katzman gets in touch with his (and everyone else's) emotions.

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When Planets Go Rogue

Criseyda Martinez goes on an intragalactic field trip.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Death

What will your family do with you when you die? "Modern Death" gives Anastasia-Maria Zavitsanou a new perspective.

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The Book That Changed America Book by Randall Fuller | Review by Angelika Manhart A Crack in Creation Book by Jennifer A. Doudna and Samuel H. Sternberg | Review by Rhea Datta Exoplanets Book by Michael Summers and James Trefil | Review by Criseyda Martinez The Gene Machine Book by Bonnie Rochman | Review by Evelyn Litwinoff Goldilocks and the Water Bears Book by Louisa Preston | Review by Jorge Jaramillo How Emotions are Made Book by Lisa Feldman Barrett | Review by Aaron Katzman I Contain Multitudes Book by Ed Yong | Review by Maria Pokrovskii The Influential Mind Book by Tali Sharot | Review by Kaitlyn R. Scacalossi Into the Grey Zone Book by Adrian Owen | Review by Julia Derk Kin Book by John L. Ingraham | Review by Margret Veltman Life 3.0 Book by Max Tegmark | Review by Dervla Kelly The Little Book of Black Holes Book by Steven S. Gubser and Frans Pretorius | Review by Enrico Fonda The Mind-Body Problem Book by Jonathan Westphal | Review by Cato Sandford Modern Death Book by Haider Warraich, M.D. | Review by Anastasia-Maria T. Zavitsanou The New Science of Consciousness Book by Paul L. Nunez | Review by Sophia Domokos Other Minds Book by Peter Godfrey-Smith | Review by Rachel Denison Reductionism in Art and Brain Science Book by Eric R. Kandel | Review by Marie Sweet The Runaway Species Book by Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman | Review by Dan Robitzski Science and the City Book by Laurie Winkless | Review by Diego Reinero Suggestible You Book by Erik Vance | Review by Diane S. Lye