Illustration by Angelika Manhart
Corona Chronicles

New World Athletics

By Angelika Manhart

We’re all finding different ways to enjoy our favorite activities these days, from socially distanced picnics to Zoom happy hours. In this series, illustrator Angelika Manhart explores fitness trends for the pandemic era.

“Track and Field”




“Pole Dancing”











Angelika Manhart is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at University College London, UK. She uses math to understand a variety of biological systems, from human muscles to bacterial swarms. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Angelika has been drawing since she was a child. In addition to sketching just for fun, she has worked on several projects — like the ACCESS 2017 exhibit at the New York Hall of Science, and the Cooper Square Review’s 10 Women In Science You Should Know series — that bring art and science together.